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Colors of the Woods

Bluebirds, song sparrows, red-wing blackbirds, even a pair of eagles...life is abundant along the Bluestem Trail to Fugate Woods. The prairie is showing its colors and will continue well into the fall with swaths of color painted against the summer skies. The gray-headed coneflower and lavender bergamont , a member of the mint family, are prominent among the grasses which continue to shoot skyward. Soon hikers will find the grasses well above one's head on the serpentine prairie path cut through the grasses.

The bluebirds are fledging their second clutch. These brilliant jewels dart about along the Bluestem trail ajoining the woodland in cool of the morning and early evening. Plan to join in fun and discovery at the Bluebird Workshop July 16. Details can be found on the calendar of the www.fugatewoods.org webpage.

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