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Wildflowers and Wings!

With the approaching equinox, Fugate Woods is slipping into a very early spring along with the daffodils and pussy willow. The bluebirds are back along the Bluestem Trail and a few bluebells and trillium are poking up through the woodland floor. Many special events are planned for the warm season ahead as the community continues to enjoy the gifts of nature along the trails. Check out the early season events listed below and plan to join in, or encourage a friend.

The volunteer trail stewards are active and appreciated, helping to keep the trails pleasant for visitors. A volunteer team will begin construction of a permanent restroom at the main entrance to Fugate Woods in late March. And, the Steward continues to be grateful, encouraged and enriched by the community of volunteers that support the shepherding of the PLF natural areas.

Please come discover something new and wonderful about the natural world along the Alma Lewis James Path, and the trails of James Family Woods, the Bluestem Trail and Fugate Woods Nature Preserve and Prairie.

Visit the website: www.fugatewoods.org to follow the calendar of events, or check on what's happening in the Steward's blog. It is wildflower and wings time in the woods!

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