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Mouth of Salamander and Blood of Root

Another first for James Family Woods! Tri-Point Middle School Students garnered another first for the record books in Livingston County. Participating in a year-long herptology study as part of their enrichment students, Mr. Saffer's students can add the Small-Mouthed Salamander documented this month to the Gray Tree Frog put on record last October. These young people make it look easy with their open, enthusiastic approach to discovery in James Family Woods.

It's Warm in Fugate Woods Too! With this unseasonal weather, the wildflowers are in full blown bloom and promise of a compacted bloom cycle. While the Blood Root has come and gone in a blink, the other ephemerals that normally bloom in a cycle of 6-8 weeks are all showing their colors, or in bud. A drier Spring than usual also means the trails are welcoming and the migratory birds abound. Bluebirds were sighted on the Bluestem trail the first week of March and are hopefully taking advantage of new nest boxes.

In the mist of early morning, the warmth of the mid-day or the calm of dusk...it's time to catch the magic in the woods. Happy hiking!

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